The lump, the book and the guests

Journal entry May 1, 2019

Where I was at one year ago was at a doctors office getting a mammogram for my right breast, the one with the strange lump. I was also at the time reading Melody Greens book and impressed that her and Keith opened up their home and showed God’s loved to so many people.

I remember talking with Jason last year and wondering how we could do something like that or what would that look like for us to open up our home to help open up conversations about God to others.

One year has gone by and Jason and I have taken baby steps towards opening up our home more. I am praying about it because it is something that still makes me uncomfortable. But I almost feel like we didn’t intentionally open up our home trying to be like the Greens. Honestly I had forgotten about the book until a few days ago I was washing dishes and I was complaining in a secret prayer in my head about how many times we have had to host people over our house, all the meals I had to make and the house I had to clean and the smiles I had to put on with intellectual conversation that went hand in hand with it all.

And then I remembered Melody. I remembered her book. I remembered that it was exactly one year ago that I was just praying for the very thing. I was praying for it to look different in a special way for our family.

Here we are one year later and God has invited people over to our home through our different circles, and YouTube.

God please help me to be faithful. Even when I am tired. Make my arms strong to serve. Remind me that this is all for you. Thank you for answering my prayers and gently leading me on. 


A journal entry inside a journal entry, April 11, 2019

Wherever you would call me

I’ve come to a new place in my age. A place where I am inspired. Im going to call this era; The Era of Hospitality.

I’ve been inspired by people I know and people I watch. They open their doors and arms.

And it reflects the love in their hearts. It’s shocking to me. It moves me.

I want that.