What the storms reveal

Journal entry February 27, 2019

It was a Saturday and my friend shared with me a link to a podcast she had listened to. The podcast was about physical health and spiritual health. I listened to it that night and about halfway through the podcast the speaker, Susie Larson, said something that grabbed my attention. I rewound the podcast and played it again this time writing the quote down in my notes.

The storms reveal the lies you believe and the truths we need.

I don’t normally listen to these type of podcasts, only because they cannot hold my attention span for more than 10 minutes, but this one was pretty good. About the quote, it was safely tucked away in my notes and I wasn’t expecting to reread it again anytime soon.

The next morning was Sunday. I was sitting in church and our pastor was sharing out of the book of 1 Samuel about the story of David. Pastor Chris Dillon said something that sounded familiar.

The crises of life reveal the functional saviors in our hearts

I wrote it down in my notes next to the quote I had taken the night before. They read to me as similar.

I don’t know why but these two sayings lay alert in my mind. Perhaps they were purposely placed in my path like two arrows piercing my thoughts one right after another not allowing me to divert my attention until I’ve given my full consciousness to their meaning.