Respectful and Sincere

journal entry September 21, 2018

When I lived in California I never felt a passion or burning in my heart to share my faith with others. My friends were just who they were. I accepted them and silently respected their beliefs.

Since I’ve moved here I have made friends with and met a handful of Buddhist people. I don’t challenge them or try to force God on them. But I see people so differently here. They are lost. They are all so sad and lonely. They are trying to find something but they don’t know what. My heart hurts for these people.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I just finished a book by Ravi Zacharias called the Lotus and the Cross. It’s about Jesus and Buddha having a conversation together in a boat. It was really good. I tell you. I didn't know anything about Buddhism or Gautama (the man who became Buddha) and I still don’t know enough but it was interesting to read the difference between the two beliefs in such a gentle and easy to read story.

The story was about a woman who was a Buddhist. She was dying of AIDS. Her body was withering away. She was lost and hopeless.

How do you tell a Buddhist person whose body is withering away and dying that Jesus loves her? You can’t just say, I’m praying for you, she doesn’t believe in prayer. You can’t say Jesus loves you, she doesn’t believe in Jesus. What would you say to her?

It just so happens that I now face this very same predicament. I have a friend that I’ve known for over a year now. She’s a Buddhist and her body is withering away with cancer. What little time she has left on this earth.  I have been sharing with her about God and I even gave her my Bible. She listens. I so want her to feel the peace that I feel. I want her to know the truth that I know! I want to share with her the good thing that I have found!

“One day we will all find out that being respectful and sincere does not give us the license to be wrong.
Truth demands investigation and commitment. Our conclusions must be in keeping with truth that can be tested. To be handcuffed by a lie is the worst all imprisonments.

May the God of all truth lead you to the truth that sets you free indeed.”- Ravi Zacharias