journal entry May 8, 2018

I met Christy at a potluck about a year ago. She lives in India and was visiting and staying with another friend and came to the potluck. We met over the delicious Indian dish that she brought called Kitchdi and she was kind enough to share her recipe with me.

Almost one year has passed and I had just finished reading No Compromise by Melody Green when I ran into Christy at church last weekend. She was visiting again for a short time. This woman loves like the way I saw in the Ministry of Keith and Melody Green. I have been heavily intrigued by people who so love others without hesitation and without walls. Although she doesn’t consider herself a missionary, she spends her life devoted to sharing her love for Christ and sharing about his gift of salvation to the lost spiritual seekers and wanderers who come to Nepal.

She stopped by to drop off her homemade chai tea yesterday and she stayed to chat. Christy has such a beautiful story. Her husband passed away two years ago when his cancer returned. She continues to travel with her two young daughters in India to bring word of the Good News about her savior to others.

Tonight I gathered with a few friends in a Yeshu Satsang!Yeshu is Hindi for Jesus and satsangs are worship gatherings typically done in India. Christy led us in worship songs and played her Indian instrument. It was very beautiful. Very moving. I loved the simplicity of the songs. The English translation was given to us also so we could understand what we were saying. I loved the basic words of praise and to repeat it over and over made song worship a whole new expression to me.