journal entry May 10, 2018

My phone rang last week with an unknown number. I don’t typically answer unknown numbers but I did that day. It was Nancy. She said that she had just pulled out of the oven a coffee cake and was wondering if she could bring it over.

Nancy’s husband passed away about a month ago and Jason had the privilege of meeting Charlie. They had a real connection as he was once a woodworker and they lived in a converted school bus while they traveled around sharing Christ’s love to wandering hippies. So as you can imagine Charlie and Jason had lots in common and lots to talk about.

Nancy and Charlie also remind me of Keith and Melody’s ministry that I read about in the book No Compromise. Their hearts for God and their love for the lost are radical and nothing like I’ve ever seen before in Christians.

Nancy’s cake was still warm and every crumb was sweet and delicious. She sat in our kitchen and shared about her adventures of reaching lost souls at the taboo rainbow gatherings and how she plans on getting the ol bus fixed up so she can go out again.

I see her devotion to continue to share about God’s love and something inside me is awakened. Her life and love for the lost moves me.