Last in line

April 7, 2019

I dreamt that I was last in line at a buffet and I realized I started at the wrong end of the buffet, at the dessert end. There were so many delicious cakes! So many to choose from. They all looked so moist with different fillings. So many flavors. And they were cold and refrigerated. I think it was a potluck buffet. Because I had the sense that people who had already gone before me in line and who were now sitting down behind me on round banquet tables brought the food. They were all watching me.

I placed a couple of cakes on my plate but I knew I should put something healthy on my plate. As I went through the line I saw a friend with a little girl.

I asked her how old her daughter was and she told me 4 years old. And I looked at the little girl and she looked 14 years old. And this confused me in my dream.

I remember those numbers specifically

We chatted while we went through the line . She asked me “so what’s new Lorraine?” And I responded “well I hope to come out with something that doesn’t expose myself so much.“ I felt guilty or shame of being so exposed my past and the people sitting around the tables all knew about it.

As I got near the end of the buffet I saw there was the meat section. I started looking through trays of meat. Most of the meats had already been taken. They were thin deli looking meats and didn’t look appetizing. As I was looking through the meats there were two guys my age sitting at a table nearby. They were trying to make conversation with me but I was more interested in finding a good piece a chicken to place on my plate. One of the guys asked me if I wanted to fly to the moon and live there with him. I joked and said sure. But I didn’t really mean it. It was kinda like those “sures” that sounds like we both know it’s crazy idea. I chose a thin ugly piece of scaly chicken and placed it on my plate and walk away quickly. I see some salads across the way and I make my way towards it. The salads look much more appetizing.


Life. Started with the most pleasing choices first. The meat was gross. Salads were more enriching and nutritious at the end I looked at them and walked toward them but woke up before I reached them.

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