Family discussion and Thy Word

May 27, 2019

I woke up Saturday morning from such an intense dream. I felt that I needed to write it down and tell my parents and siblings about it in a text message. (You know that I have been heavily praying for their walk with Christ lately) this is what I sent them Saturday morning:

Hey family I know it is early in the morning, but I just woke up from an intense dream about you guys. I was back at mom and dads house and we were all sitting on the couch in the living room just like old times. We were young in my dream. We were talking about the Bible. Some of you were struggling when you spoke about how to prove if the Bible was true. Just then there was a man who walked by the Rivera (my maiden last name) home where we all were in. The door was open.  I saw him and he looked into the house. My direction went back to our conversation. This man walked right in. He had 2 goats and 2 pigs on a leash with him. I thought it was odd that he came in without knocking , uninvited, and that he came in with his animals. His presence was almost an encouragement to disprove the Bible. He would make eye contact with the person speaking almost to say “go on”. He sat right down next to me on the couch. He was a distraction to me. I was shocked how the conversation changed. I was angry that everything that we had learned as children in my parents house about the Bible was now changed in opinion.
Something inside of me was stirring and I was angry! Not at my siblings but at what was happening. I needed to know the truth. I asked my siblings if they believed that the Bible was true. They hesitated and looked at the man. He started to answer for them as they stumbled in their answer. No no no! I shouted at him. What are you even doing here? Who even invited you in? You just walked in here uninvited with your filthy animals and sat down uninvited on MY family’s sofa and spoke when nobody asked you to speak! How dare you! Get out of here!” I shouted! Get out get out get out! And take your animals!” And he left. I spoke scripture over my siblings. I was on fire! ....They didn’t respond to my text message. Lol. But my mom called me later to say that she was convicted and felt that she needed to pray.

I wasn’t supposed to attend church this sunday because I was supposed to help my friends butcher their hog. Penelope came down with a sudden fever this morning so I didn’t go and stayed home and turned on our live message at church. I felt the need to share the live link with my siblings before I even knew what today’s message was going to be about.

After listening, I thought the message was incredibly close to my dream!

ANNNNND!!! Saturday morning I woke up after the dream and I had Amy Grant’s Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet song stuck in my head. I sang it all day over and over again. I even texted my siblings about it because we haven’t heard that song since our childhood.

Funny. That was sung on Sunday too! I had no idea they were going to sing that song.