College and the desert

May 16, 2019

I was in a very deep sleep last night and dreamt that I was back at college at the university. I had a hard time finding each of my classes. One class was very far away. I had to cross a desert to get there. I was worried that if I didn’t have my compass with me I would get lost. I felt fearful to cross this desert especially at night. There was wind and it kicked up sand which blocked my view. Nothing was on the horizon but a few sprinkled Joshua trees to mark the path. I took the path and reached the building where my class was. The class had already started once I arrived.

I peeked inside and they were showing a Star Wars film. I went in for a little bit but realized it was time for me to go. There was a woman standing outside that was my sister in my dream (or like a sister to me). She had a beautiful baby on her hip. Everyone wanted to hold her baby because her baby glowed like an angel. There was a bon fire and the sparks from the fire traveled upward into the starry dark sky. People hung out around the fire. We crossed the desert together and I felt safe with her.

When I arrived to my next classroom it was day light there and it felt more like home than a classroom. Once inside, everyone I knew was there. Everyone was running and jumping and happy. My dad was there. Jason was there, he hesitated when I went to open the door for someone who was knocking. But there was a thick wooden pillar with carvings on it that blocked the door. It was tricky but I was able to get around it to open the door when someone knocked to come in. When I went around the pillar, I opened the door and there was a man standing there. He had a friendly smile. I think he had come to pick up an animal, I’m not sure if it was for a chicken or for a goat. I think I knew him.

School: symbolic of a time of learning in life, Acts 19:9. A school is a common dream setting for past or present important events in a person’s life

Desert: symbolic of a cursed or spiritually dry area, Jer. 51:43. The desert can also symbolize a place of insolation for a season in someone’s life

Compass: symbolic of finding the right direction in life, Ps. 119:59 NLT

Wind: symbolic of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:2. A stormy or scorching wind is symbolic of troubles, Ps. 55:8, Jer. 4:11-12

Sand: Sandstorm-symbolic of troubles or trials in life, Ps. 83:13-15

Path: a level path is symbolic of walking in God’s truth, Ps. 27:11, Jer. 31:9. A hidden path can symbolize an unseen option in life

Sister: symbolic of wisdom, Prov. 7:4 say to wisdom you are my sister

Baby: babies can symbolize a new thing being brought into a person’s life, Isa. 42:9. Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them. A baby is also symbolic of a gift from God, Ps. 127:3 

Fire: symbolic of the word of God, Ps. 29:7, Jer. 23:29. To dream of walking or passing through fire is symbolic of being tested, refined, or matured, Ps. 66:12, 1 Peter 4:12

Knocking: symbolic of an invitation, Song. 5:2, Rev. 3:20

Door: this is symbolic of an opening to a new path in life. If the door is locked it symbolizes an area in life not yet acces­sible to you. A person or animal blocking a door is symbolic of a spiritual hindrance. A door can also be symbolic of a free spirited person, Song. 8:8-9. Doors can also symbolize a person’s mouth, Ps. 141:3

Doorway: a person waiting at an open door can sym­bolize the pursuit of wisdom, Prov. 8:34 Blessed are those who listen to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.

pillar: a symbol of responsibility, support, and strength, Jer. 1:18. Pillars are also elders or mature Christians, Gal. 2:9