My dream about popularity, identity, material wealth

August 7, 2018

I dreamt that I went to a building that I was familiar with and I was hanging out with my old coworkers. Then one of them told me she was in a very popular rock band called the foo fighters. Her hair and outfit was so awesome. Wow she’s so cool I kept thinking. And I was so amazed and thought she was so cool because I thought the rock band was cool. Then she invited me to hang out with her and the band.

While we were hanging out, my old boss, Trina (the fashion designer) comes in and asks if I used to like working for her, I told her that it was great then but now I live a very different life now and I don’t need all those clothes anymore. She says well I have a quick job for you just this once. And I see no harm in taking the quick job just this once and I am happy to have the extra income. While working the job I see my coworkers having fun, being well dressed and going out together after work. I secretly wish for this too.

One day I am at a coworkers house and there is a knock at the door. It’s Trina (my boss) and she’s bringing gifts for everyone and even for their children. I am thinking wow this is so nice. Trina says that she buys gifts for all her employees. And says that she would like for me to stay on full time. I have a feeling she is trying to entice me. I see the gifts being passed out to the adults and children. My friend sitting next to me gets a robot that can fetch him cookies from the kitchen. He thinks it’s cool but I could see deep down that he has no real use for it. I see the children open their gifts. They are all very colorful gifts. All the children are amazed and happy.

Then the colors seem to be too loud all of a sudden. Bright reds  and bold yellows start to scream at me. The children are not satisfied with their gifts and start to fight over each other’s gifts thinking the others are better. I see the gifts are big giant plasticy bulky toys I feel a panic almost inside me and realize I want to go back to my simple home. My simple living and tiny home with homemade wooden things all around me. I tell Trina that I’m sorry but I cannot take the job.

There is a part in this dream where I am driving in an old pickup truck with my dad with giant trays of homemade peanut butter cookies to sell or pass out at a school?? But I’m not sure at what point this fit in .