Dear Kathy,

I had a dream about you last night. I dreamt that I was walking to a library. I saw your mom also going there. She was ahead of me. I followed her. I saw that she walked up to the librarian desk and spoke with the librarian. When I asked your mother what she was doing she told me that she was erasing your past. She didn’t want anyone to look you up or to find any past information about you. What a weird dream.


It’s strange but that dream is totally true! Well not through the library though.

Whatever you did in the past can be erased the very moment you speak to God and and ask him to erase your past. He will.

The God of the universe loves you. He actually has a place for you. If you will accept it.

This real and living God loves you and sent his son to die for you on the cross and to erase all past things that you have done and can assure you (yes you beautiful Kathy!) a place in heaven.

All you have to do is ask him to and he will.

Kathy, I hope that you are not struggling with anything in your past. It is all forgiven if you ask him to he will.

You are so loved here and there are so many of us that want to see you again in heaven. All of us on the group text are sisters in Christ. We all have had our pasts erased and forgiven. And each of us are praying that you will surrender your life to the God of the universe. My sweet friend, I am so happy that I got to know you better and your precious family. We all love your boys. And we love you Kathy!