Dream about the big white van

August 14, 2018

I dreamt that I was riding in a large white van with a bunch of others. All the others seemed younger than me. I’m not sure where we were going but it wasn’t home. More like traveling?

Some of the girls were flirting with the boys. One girl in particular that was sitting in the long bench seat in front of me had brown curly hair. She had on a very risqué outfit and her shorts were made of black lace. Kind of see through. We seemed to be parked somewhere for a short time. Maybe to get gas or something. While we were parked the girl in the front took off her seat belt and crouched down by another girl in front of me on the long bench seat. They were giggling.

I was talking to the people that were sitting in my row when I hear the girl in front of me say “no you didn’t!” With a laugh.

I look to see the flirty girl with brown curly hair laughing out loud and she has no underwear on. So I speak in a loud mother tone of voice “get out of the car! Go!”

She looks at me like you can’t be serious.

“Go on!” I say. I’m not shouting but I have a voice of authority,

She puts her short back on and says I’m going to call my mom on you. And I say good. I hope you do I need to tell her what you did.

It is later and I climb out of the crowded messy car. It’s cold outside. Like it wants to snow. I walk over to where I see everyone I know standing. I see joey and Jeanine and his family. They are cold. I see my brother. I say are you ready to move here? They say they aren’t sure they can handle the cold.