When I started paying attention

My dream February 2016

In the beginning of my dream I had several jars of nutbutter/cookies. They were scattered throughout my parent’s house and I was collecting them and putting them away in a room. There was one jar left and my nephew Jonathan had it and was eating from it. I gave him 2 cookies from the jar and told him to share one of the cookies with his aunt Rebekah. He didn't want to and got angry. I closed the lid and placed the jar in the refrigerator.

After that I left the house, got in my car and drove down the street to go get one more jar. I drove not far down the block where some children were crossing the street after being let out by a school bus. They all kept pointing to the sky and shouting "oh wow, how cool, do you see that?" Where they were pointing was above my car. I didn't know what it was that they were pointing at. So as soon as I turned my car around I looked up at the sky, while driving back to my moms house, I saw a very detailed angel in the clouds. It was directly above my car. They were dark storm clouds. But I knew that cloud was following me and had a sense that the angel was fighting for me. I could only look at the Angel for a moment because it hurt my eyes and plus I was driving I had to keep my eyes on the road. But I figured since it was such a short drive back to my moms I could look up at the sky when I arrived.

When I arrived back at my parent’s house, I got out of the car and looked up at the sky and there were just storm clouds I couldn't see an angel anymore, but I ran inside to tell my mom. I told her why I had left the house , to go get the last jar, but then they reminded me that I had already collected all my jars, I was bewildered. Then I told them that I didn't know what came over me when I left. Then I looked at the key hangar and saw that I had never even removed my car keys when I left! How did I drive my car with no keys?

Then I was outside with everyone from my family. There was a storm coming and I could see destruction in trees and some Windows from the storm. We were standing in the driveway and I wanted to tell everyone about the Angel but it was hard for me to tell others because I kept getting interrupted or distracted.

There was a boy in a wheelchair on our driveway. I looked at him and told my mom that "brother looks different today" she said that's not your brother. But she didn't explain who that was. But I saw and understood that my dad was caring for him. I tried telling my dad about the Angel but I kept getting interrupted. Then I turned around and saw John from my bible study group. Surely he would understand! He saw an angel before! I tried to tell him but everytime I spoke it was like I wasn't even there. John walked inside my parents home and pushed the boy in the wheelchair closer so he could see the tv. I saw that John was very kind to him. He had a good heart. He was talking to my dad about adoption and financial help with adoption. In the end of the dream I gave John and his wife kim a bag of clothes for their new adopted child. On the top of the bag of clothes was a pink dress with white polka dots. I pulled it out and showed it to kim. It had Ruffles on the hem.


When I awoke from the dream I immediately felt that I needed to pray. Nothing was wrong, scary or sad. I just felt the need to pray. I didn't know what to pray for and I had no idea what was to happen in the week to follow.

Monday morning as I gathered a few bags of Penelope's old clothes I was reminded of my dream, the part of the bag of clothes that I handed to kim for her newly adopted child. I stopped and asked God if I was supposed to give this bag of used clothes to Kim. I didn't feel that God was telling me to do that.The dream troubled me all week.

Wednesday morning I get a text from my mom that my brothers daughter was born early, almost a month early and that we were still going ahead with the baby shower on Sunday. This day it rained. There were dark storm clouds in the sky. All week the weather was warm and sunny. Except for This day. It rained. It reminded me about my dream and the dark storm clouds at my moms house and the Angel. Since my brothers daughter had just been born, my dad offered to watch his other two children so that way my brother and his wife could bond with the new baby. It reminded me of my dream where my dad was caring for the boy in the wheel chair that I mistook for my brother. The dream continued to pop in my mind and trouble me all week.

Thursday: my sister, who lives about 4 hours away was visiting and staying with my mom and dad for the week invited me to stay the night at my moms house with her. While there I forget about my dream and enjoy my sister and my nephew Jonathan's company. That night my mom asked if my sister and I could run to the store and pick up some cheese. We get into the car and drive down that same road as in my dream where I saw the Angel. While at the store, we stop in a random isle and my sister, who very rarely eats this, says hey look at these nut butter packets. Let's buy a few for the kids and take them back to mom and dads house. I still haven't remembered my dream and agree to buy the nut butters.

Friday: I am driving with my sister in the car and I start to freak out remembering my dream and the connection between the nut butters. We meet up with my sister Rebekah. I haven't seen her in a long time. It is good to see her and am reminded of my dream again.

Saturday: I'm starting to feel really really crazy about the dream, I start to pray about it.

Sunday: the day of the shower. I arrive at my moms house for the baby shower. The shower is lovely and we had a wonderful time. Then as the baby shower is wrapping up, and guests were leaving, my brothers wife arrived with the 4 day old baby. And there she was, a little baby that wasn't supposed to be there that day because she wasn't supposed to be born until one month from now, wearing... A pink dress with white polka dots and a ruffle around the bottom. I immediately felt that this was the close of my dream. It was done. I had a sense of a finish line. Almost like a song had stopped playing and reached the ending chorus. But wait! What about John and Kim?

Monday morning: I prayed. They felt heavy on my heart. Nothing bad or wrong, I just felt that I needed to pray for them. I felt an urge to call Kim and tell her that she was going to be getting a little girl through the adoption agency. But I was afraid that she would think I was weird. And what if I was wrong? I never felt this weird urge before, to tell someone something was going to happen. I didn't call because I was too confused.

Wednesday: I arrive at bible study, the very first words out of Kim's mouth, " we were contacted yesterday by the adoption agency, we have been selected to adopt a little boy and a little girl."

Afterthoughts on Thursday:
Jars of nut butter represented my gifts?
How can God use me? To give others hope?