Dream about the play

April 12, 2018

There was a play

It was in California

It was supposed to be about the resurrection

But a girl (an old friend) played the part.

When the "coffin" was opened it was a man and woman inside naked. But this was not a surprise to anyone nor was anyone embarrassed or lustful.

There was a lot of brown wood on the stage. It seemed like a big boat.

I wasn't sure if I was in the play or if I was Part of the crew to help put on the play.

It was an outdoor play.

Grandma and papa were with Penelope in the audience.

After it was over I went to congratulate the cast members.

I saw my friend Kelly from high school and asked her how many kids she had now. She said 5. I said I wished I had 5 kids. She said no you don't lol, how many do you have? And I said only one. I felt sad that I had only one.



July. my friends the Watkins family were really in an outdoor play. there was lots of wood on the stage. It wasn’t a play about the resurrection but they were able to share the gospel to many of the cast members.