Dream about the kids

August 2018 reflecting back to 2016.

Right before I left California I was praying heavily about all of the many things I worried about. I was scared that God would not be there alllllll the way in North Carolina. Or perhaps, that the God that I knew and loved would not be the same God that was here with me in California. These are very silly things to be afraid of, but oh I was so afraid. I am embarrassed to say admit it now. But these were my fears. I prayed and asked God about a million questions. One of the things that was heavy on my mind was homeschool and friends for Penelope. I was so worried for her. I worried that she would be all alone and torn away from her family she would fall into a lonely depression. I feared that homeschool was not the best decision for my only child. I prayed about it often before falling asleep.
One of the dreams that I had right before leaving California was;

I was in a wooded area. There were many pines and tall trees. I drove there. There was snow on the ground that was melting away. A paved driveway. It was a old place. It seemed like the person who owned it had vintage things. There were many children. Some children were climbing and swinging from wooden beams. There seemed to be a sort of a back house. Or a separate building. There was a merry presence.



I wish I would have written this dream down when I first had it so I could recall more details, but it didn’t make any sense to me then.

I now belong to an amazing homeschooling group of mamas and Penelope is surrounded with lots of homeschool children. We meet once a week at one home.