The banquet and the book

Dream October 31, 2018

I dreamt that I was seated at a dinner table at a restaurant maybe (a banquet), with my friends and some people that I didn’t know that well or care about too much. During dinner I received a package from my parents. I opened it and it was a book of my fathers ancestry and a vhs tape of my past. I was overjoyed!!! I held the book like it was a treasure. It contained so many pictures of himself as a child and of his family members that I never knew. I knew this was gold. I felt so happy and warm and couldn’t wait to look through the whole book but I didn’t want to do it at the dinner party. I put the video into a small nearby tv behind my chair and it played video of me from my past. I was well dressed with a light blue leather coat and my hair and makeup looked very nice. But my attitude didn’t seem kind and softhearted in the video as I was marching around giving orders to my siblings. I turned off the video and decided to watch it later just in case it would embarrass me in front of my friends.

After dinner, I announced that I had a plane to catch and everyone got up to go. On a street corner I saw a bear so I ran into a men’s restroom to hide but it only followed me in there. Once in the bathroom the bear became lazy and lounged on its side to go to sleep so I snuck out.

I arrived at the airport late because of the bear so I hurried to check in my bags. I still held my dads ancestry book close to my chest and it was heavy too. But I fumbled with my other belongings as I tried to hurry. I logged into a kiosk and it asked me a question but in my haste I hit enter twice and didn’t see what the question said. The kiosk then printed out a receipt and I grabbed it and took it to the help desk. I asked the man that worked behind the desk where to board my flight. He looked at the receipt and said that when I hit return at the kiosk I cancelled my flight. I cried! What will I do? Would I have to spend the night at the airport? He said I could look up another flight on my phone. I found a place to sit at the airport to search my phone. A nice lady came by and said she was doing the same.


Key words:


Dinner table




Video of my past

Light blue



Lazy bear




Cancelled plans

Help desk










A banquet dinner table with friends - surrounded by friends and people who have common interests.

Received a gift from my father of a book of life/bible? It is cherished by me.

Video - I see my past. I don’t  like it. I like who I am now.

Bear ?? A hindrance , laziness is a hindrance?

Airport -