The ship and the church

Dream October 15, 2018

I dreamt that I was watching the My friend’s children and I was supposed to bring them on a big ship. Their parents were already on the ship waiting for them.

I was hurrying the children along a busy and crowded dock. I kept saying to them please hurry we are going to be late. I knew the ship was about to leave and we were late. The children plus my own were so busy looking around at all the people hustling and bustling by that they took tiny steps.

I reached a port and stepped up to a window to ask if this was the right entrance to the ship. The man at the window was rude and made wise cracks about how many children were with me. He seemed irritated that I was late for boarding the ship and for the fact that there were so many children coming on board. I was at the wrong port and asked him kindly to show me where I need to go. At last he did. But I was later than ever now and needed to hurry the children along even more so now.

Finally we reached the entrance and the ship that we needed to board had just sailed off seconds before we had Reached the edge. I was determined to get the children on that ship. I asked to be ferried onto the ship.

The next part of my dream we made it into the ship. I was talking with another person, maybe someone who worked on the ship, to get my supplies for homeschooling. I asked her how long we were going to be on the ship and she said one week. So I needed to plan out the homeschool for that week.

I started pulling little plastic pots filled with soil and I thought to myself I could have all the children plant seeds and we could watch them grow. As I was stacking the pots I was wondering where Jason went. A friend of Jason’s walked by and I asked him if he knew where Jason might be. He said no.

Next I hear that there is a “woman of the Church” going to do something that could possibly disgrace the name of the church or God? She was a popular well known woman. I’m not sure if she had a YouTube channel but she was very well known and whatever she was about to do was not good. Maybe she was going to film it?

So Justin Rhodes was determined to stop her. And he was going to film it on his channel. He rallied Jason to come help. I think this woman started climbing the outside of the tall church. Justin and Jason were going up after her. I watched from a rooftop nervously. Justin picked up a light tan colored heavy shed building with his own bare hands and slung it on his back. And walked towards the church. Jason grabbed a brown shed and tried to put it on his back. It was heavy and he struggled. I watched him struggle and I was scared for him. He stumbled.  He put the heavy shed on his back and started toward the church after Justin who already started to climb the outside wall with the shed on his back. These sheds were heavy burdens but the guys were determined to reach the top.

Then I couldn’t see them anymore. I was worried for Jason’s safety! I didn’t want him to do this! This was too dangerous. I couldn’t see them, so someone said here watch it on their YouTube channel and handed me a phone. I looked into the screen and I woke up.