Blog Post - All In

This is the story of how we got to this point in our lives. Where we sold most of our belongings to move across the United States to live!
This journey began six years ago when I was diagnosed with Cancer (lymphoma) (my cancer blog). After my last Chemotherapy session I asked my oncologist if I should be eating differently or healthier. She said, “No, just go back to how you were eating.” This never made sense at all and then that’s when we took control of our eating habits. My wife and I began to pay attention to where our food comes from and how we can be healthier. We believe in eating organic, pasture raised meat, whole foods, no wheat, no sugars, nothing processed, fewer ingredients, nothing from a box and simply eating real food. We truly believe that food has the power to heal. It took some time to figure out how to prepare foods the slow way and from scratch. Eating healthy takes a different way of thinking. We started talking about having some land and growing the best food possible. Really just talking about our dreams and beliefs and figuring out how to make that happen.

We became so passionate about this idea of growing our own food that we started reading books, taking workshops and visiting nearby farms whenever possible. Then we also realized that if we were going to move and buy some land we had too much stuff and we needed to get rid of it. Slowly we started to assess what belongings we had and if we really need them. It was hard at first to let go of something that you held on to since forever. It’s amazing how much stuff you have that really doesn’t make you happy. When you think about each thing you own and if you ask yourself, “Does this item make me happy?” And your answer is, “No, that thing does not make me happy. That memory makes me happy. Or the process that it took to do that makes me happy. But that thing that I’m holding onto in that box tucked away in the corner of the house or garage that nobody sees does not make me happy!” After getting rid of most of our belongings, it was like a relief. With less stuff you have less distractions in your life.

My wife and I were still not sure if we were really ready to pursue this dream or not. We prayed and asked God if this is what he wants for us. I would hike up the nearest mountain and pray, asking God to open doors for us to go live the life we dreamt about. We prayed for a few years asking, “Is this what we are supposed to do?” All of this led to finally selling our house. This was one of our “all in” moments. When we sold our house in January 2015, the goal was in March 2016 we would have land and move. This was before we even knew where we wanted to live. Getting rid of our house and belongings was like us changing our old way of thinking to something new.

This past year we took some trips to explore where we could possibly find land. Something about North Carolina kept calling us. Everywhere we looked NC always managed to pop up and remind us to go! We were keeping an open mind and trying to listen to what God was telling us. When we finally found a place for us it was another “all in” moment. The land was officially ours on New Years Eve 2015 and we are moving to our new home in March 2016 like it was planned all along.

It started with cancer to wake us up and realize what we want out of life. We chose this path because of our passion for real food. We chose to rewrite our future to follow our own path out of love.

- J + L + P