New Year

It’s hard to look back at this year and sum it all up in a single blog post. It has been a wild, emotional ride!

This was a year of change. A season of discovering hope in the most primitive places. A time of dedication to what we know as the truth. A period of difficulties and growing. Months of taking action. A year of forcing ourselves out of our comfort zone. A year of seeing setbacks and learning from our mistakes. But we arrive at the end of these last 12 months and we find ourselves thankful for this time of growth.

It seems like a lot of the days spent here we are unsure of what to do. There’s just so much to accomplish. We aren’t sure where to start and feel like we have yet to complete anything. We have been figuring out this whole homesteading thing as we go. It’s new to us like an unfamiliar road we are traveling through.

We left our “normal” life to pursue a dream as a family. We are from the city in Southern California.  We didn’t grow up on a farm or around farm animals. We never grew up with a food garden. Heck the first chicken I held was 3 years ago when I took a processing workshop! My wife worked in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. I worked as a computer drafter before we left.

All of that was about to change after I was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago and we became passionate for educating ourselves about the food that we were putting into our bodies to keep us alive and healthy. From there it avalanched into really discovering where our food comes from. We read books, blogs and took workshops on how to grow healthy, sustainable food and work the land. We began getting rid of our stuff, living minimally and consciously preparing ourselves for bigger steps. The next thing we knew we were selling our home and looking for land.

What we didn’t expect to find when we moved here was to meet genuinely inspiring people. Not only on social media, but also a real life community of influential, likeminded folk that were on this very same road we are traveling through.

Seeing first hand other homesteader’s experiences in raising animals, growing food and even the way they live has been very encouraging and we have learned from them.

This has been not an easy year for our family, BUT it has been very fulfilling and brimming with joy. All year we have been given little glimpses of hope and encouragement to keep moving and trust that if we continue to keep at it all of our hard work will not go to waste. I do believe that this entire process of following what we know, as the truth always will be about the journey. We go into 2017 very hopeful and filled with determination to keep trying to find a way to live in faith, purpose and be open minded to different opportunities that this year might bring.

Blog Post - NC Trip Report

2,800 miles
9 days
8 different Whole Foods
5 states
2 laundromats
1 flat tire

Our road trip to North Carolina went really well. We felt like we had been planning this trip for years. Everything about this road trip was planned. We knew that we wanted to not rush it and try and take our time. Our goal was to arrive in North Carolina on the ninth day. We planned on camping out in back of our truck a few nights. We ended up camping out one night and staying at a decent hotel instead. Seemed like it took forever driving through Texas. 


Our little girl did very well on the drive. We basically took all her toys with us so she will have things to do. We were also thankful for a good friend that gave her a giant bag full of activities and small toys all wrapped in tissue paper with notes on them. By the way, she maybe slept just a few hours in the car the entire 9 days! 

Before we left we mapped out the different Whole Foods Markets we can stop by. We nearly stopped at every single one. A couple of the nights we stayed at an AirBNB in Austin and Nashville. They both were great places to stay and cheaper than a hotel. As we were coming into Austin my front tire began to lose air. So we spent the first half of the day finding a place that would fix the flat quickly. Luckily we did! Standing in front of a tire shop while it began to rain wasn't how I wanted  to remember Austin. But man we were having too much fun! 

Towards the last couple of days we were ready to get home. On the last morning headed home I got pulled over by a state trooper. Said I was driving carelessly! Then he said he was going to have his police dog sniff around for narcotics! He was the nicest cop ever. He ended up giving me a warning and saying basically that he pulled me over because his dog needed stretch his legs. Only two hours from our house I got a phone call from our neighbor saying there has been some people driving through our property in 4x4 truck and destroying our property. We were expecting the worst! I mean we were two hours away and we get a phone call like that! 

We made it to our new place in nine days! No signs of a truck trashing our place! Looked like just as I left it 6 months prior. The first 20 minutes we arrived we met 2 neighbors and saw a snake! Overall the trip was a success and we would definitely do it again!